Welcome to our new website!

Hi, and welcome to our new website, AnimalCrueltyFreeProducts.com. We’re still putting the finishing touches to the site so please be patient and bear with us, hopefully it won’t be too much longer. We’ll be adding lots more features and content over the next few months too, so please return again in a little while.

In the meantime please enjoy looking around our site, and especially our “Causes” section.

This months featured cause  or charity is the “Help Free the Dancing Bears” campaign.

Dancing Bears endure horrible conditions, beatings and abuse, all in the name of “entertainment” for tourists from wealthy western countries – tourists like you, or I. And as long as there are ignorant – or indifferent – tourists who are willing to pay a few gold coins to watch these bears perform their well-rehearsed dance act for them, this animal slavery and torture will continue.The same goes for any form of animal  “entertainment”, in any country, and involving any animal.

Money is needed to rescue these poor wretched creatures from their sad and cruel existence, and then more money to pay for their medical treatments (many dancing bears suffer infections from the ropes or chains threaded through their barbarically pierced noses), plus also their ongoing treatments, and their housing, rehabilitation and food, as they cannot ever be returned to the wild (to prevent human injuries, their teeth are filed down or broken off by their cruel, barbaric owners. Without these teeth, return to the wild is impossible) . The problem also needs to be stopped altogether at the root cause. We need to persuade government representatives and leaders that this is wrong.

But most of all we need to stop our own stupid western folk from paying to see animals “dance” when they go on holidays.

Dancing Bear (WSPA - World Society for the Protection of Animals)

Dancing Bear (WSPA - World Society for the Protection of Animals)


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3 Responses to “Welcome to our new website!”

  • Hi,

    What is you process for determining what products are cruelty free. Do you confirm with the company that there products are not only free of animal ingredients but also not tested on animals?

    Looking forward to you response.

    Thank you,


    • Hi Randy,
      Welcome to ACFP !! – Whilst it’s not easy to be 100% sure that nothing will ever “slip-by” our “quality control”, we do spend quite some time looking into the products and companies before publishing any new products, and sometimes that includes reading the ingredients & researching etc when we’ve been unsure – I’m a lifelong vegetarian, huge animal lover, and so I take the matter of animal cruelty very seriously (….I was known in my (meat-eating) family for my verbal protests of utter disgust outside the local butchers shop at 3 years old…. lol). When I was growing up, most people did not care about animal welfare. They thought vegetarians were freaks, and that mankind had a right to do whatever he wanted to animals – luckily that is slowly changing.
      Regards, Karen (Admin.)

      PS: if you – or anyone – ever does find something here which is not 100% animal-cruelty-free, please let us know and we’ll remove it right away. KB.
      PPS: I just noticed that my reply was posted under my business partners account & not under mine LOL – sorry, (… I’d quickly hopped onto his PC to answer it… we really are 2 different ppl, honestly!! lol) – KB

    • wow, obivous to wow, obivous to everyone here you are a meat eater, look at that anger.Doesn’t matter what kind of animal protein it is, raw, grass fed, whatever, your body will go through leukocytosis EVERYTIME you eat it. That is your body’s way of telling you, you are eating poison. simple really.and the fact that you take any advice from doctors. lol. come on. everyone here knows better then to listen to a pharmaceutical slave. Was this answer helpful?

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