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Animal Cruelty Free Products.com was launched on January 26 2012, as a way to provide great vegetarian and vegan products, without compromising on quality or appeal. We’ve sourced vegetarian and cruelty-free products from around the world, making it a little easier for you to find what you want, and all in one place.

The founders of this website are both animal lovers. Karen Banting is a lifelong vegetarian (since age 3 by personal choice, despite being raised in a household of carnivorous meat eaters) and a lifelong animal rights supporter (just ask her childhood hometown butcher…), and Wayne Serpanchy is almost vegetarian….. (I’m still working on his total conversion!…… my next step might have to be secret, subliminal brain-washing techniques…. just kidding..). Despite my own feelings on eating and killing animals, I am actually somewhat of a moderate  – I have friends who eat meat, and even ONE friend who is a hunter (I never thought I’d see the day, but there you go, life works in mysterious ways..). I should mention that the hunter friend is a conservationist who travels into the Australian bush to hunt feral, non-native animals who are killing the native wildlife (to the point where many native species are now threatened with extinction),  however, I’m still glad to report that he recently informed me that he tends to put most fish back and is hunting far less nowadays……

On this website you will find great vegetarian and vegan friendly products that are animal cruelty free, plus latest news, Animal campaigns, interesting articles and you can even find tasty vegetarian recipes via our own Easy Vegetarian Recipes websites’ twitter stream (displayed on our homepage currently). On that website I post my own vegetarian recipes that I’ve collected and created for over 40+ years, so if you decide to go there then look for the “My Recipes” category/section – my vegetarian recipes have always been extremely popular with my friends, family and visitors, and so after many, many years of people nagging me senseless for copies of my recipes or telling me to write a recipe book etc I decided the best way was to create a website instead ….. I post my recipes whenever I have time, which isn’t anywhere near often enough, but there is also a recipe database installed with 3000+ other vegetarian recipes on it.

We hope that you will enjoy your visit to this website, and perhaps might even consider becoming part of our community or sign up to our newsletter (both hopefully coming in the near future) to keep up-to-date on all the latest animal cruelty free products.

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